In Letter Jam every letter matters! Big language update

First of all, we would like to express how much we respect all of you, our fans, and gaming partners. Thanks to the gamers who purchased Letter Jam, it’s currently our 2nd most popular game, after Codenames!

Letter JamThis support has been overwhelming and makes us keen to make sure we can provide the game to as many literacy-game-lovers as possible. This brings us to our localization partners. Letter Jam has been already translated into 9 languages so far: English, Italian, Polish, Czech, Romanian, German, French, Hungarian and Dutch!

Currently, we are working with our Spanish partner for their version, which should be released in May. Also, Greek, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, and Bulgarian will follow shortly.

You might think, "Wait, what besides the rules could be possibly different when the rest of the game is just a pack of 64 cards with a single letter on each card?".

Each language has its own set of letters carefully selected according to the letter’s representation in each language’s lexicon/vocabulary.

These details will be appreciated by real "language gourmets", but it is also good to know in case you own an English language version of the game and want to play with your Dutch friends (as was noticed in appropriate BGG thread).

Letter Jam – diacritic tokensApart from small details in the frequency of letters, there is the letter "Y" in English, which may cause players in the Netherlands a problem. And vice versa, there is not the V letter in the English version, which will be missed a bit in Netherland, but probably not fundamentally. Moreover Czech, Polish, Romanian, and also soon, Hungarian gamers will find their versions include a diacritic token as a helper token to create meaningful words for your fellow players.

You might also remember that there’s a companion app for the game. What does the app do?

Letter Jam with the app Many of you have already experienced the advantage of the Letter Jam gadget which will smoothly scan Letter Jam cards and prepare a secret word for every player around the table, without anyone knowing any of the words! Once the game is over, the app will show you which words it made for each player. Cool, isn’t it? We recently updated the digital app, and it is currently available in English, German, Czech, French, Italian, Polish, and Spanish!

We talk about different languages but love for a good game unites us all.

Stay home and game on!