Adrenaline: Solo Play DLC – free single-player variant

Adrenaline: Solo Play DLCSomething went wrong. Very wrong.

You’re back in the arena, lying on a spawnpoint. Shaking the dizziness out of your head, you struggle to your feet. Your eyes strain to focus in the dimness. The spawnpoint no longer lights the room with a cheerful glow. Now its light feels malevolent, corrupted.

You hear footsteps. It’s your old friends, your old enemies, coming to play a game with you. Right now, you’re not sure you’re up to it. Something about that spawning –

Three figures walk through the door. Their heads turn, and they all focus on you. Their pitiless eyes reflect the spawnpoint’s sinister light. And you realize that this is not just another friendly free-for-all. A malevolent intelligence is controlling the others ... and it wants you dead.

It seems so long ago. Back in 2016, Adrenaline by Filip Neduk, inspired by the first-person shooter computer games was published. The game combined area control, careful resource management, no dice and no mercy!

The expansion came two years later. Adrenaline: Team Play DLC added the possibility to play with up to 6 players, in 2 teams, with character-specific weapons and abilities. It also added a unique Adrenaline Rush system and streamlined gameplay.

However, the voices of solitary warriors hollowly echoed against the empty metal walls of the Adrenaline arena. Until now.

Adrenaline Solo Play DLC is a single-player variant of the Adrenaline board game. It is compatible with the Team Play DLC if you own it too! You already have all the components necessary, and most of what you need to know. Petr Murmak, our CEO, provides some behind-the-scenes information about this new DLC expansion, in our CGE Blog!

Download the Adrenaline Solo Play DLC.

And remember, you are playing solo, but you are not alone. Shoot them all!