Under Falling Skies announcement

Under Falling Skies coverWe are very pleased with such a great reception of Under Falling Skies 9-card print and play version we shared with you over the last few weeks!

We would now like to officially announce that Under Falling Skies from the author Tomáš Uhlíř will be the next new title for CGE this year.

In this solo game you take charge of an underground base, trying to stop the alien invasion.

Look forward to experiencing a multi-mission campaign with gradually revealed content, where you add powerful new characters to your team as you progress through the game’s chapters. Your actions are powered by an innovative dice placement mechanic; so when you choose an action, you are also choosing which enemy ships will descend. Bigger numbers give you better effects, but they also cause the enemy’s dropships to descend faster. The mothership draws closer every round, ratcheting up the tension.

Can you complete your research before your base is destroyed? How will you choose which city to sacrifice and which you will try to save?

Under Falling Skies announcement

Under Falling Skies is based on the print & play game that won the 2019 9-card Nanogame P&P Design Contest, this new game provides much more:

  • new graphics
  • miniatures
  • replayable campaign
  • gradually revealed content
  • diverse missions
  • many different configurations of your base
  • cities with unique abilities
  • characters that help you through the campaign

The anticipated launch is 2020. The recommended price is $29.95/ €29.95.

Follow our social media channels and CGE blog for more info and stay safe even Under Falling Skies!