Spiel.Digital & CGE's 3D World

As you surely know, Essen Spiel 2020 will be replaced by SPIEL.digital, a virtual convention that will be taking place next week, October 22-25th.

CGE is excited to be a part of SPIEL.digital as a Gold Sponsor for the event, and we want to convey to you: our fans, partners, and media representatives an experience as close as possible to what you are used to when visiting us at an in-person convention.

That is why in addition to our SPIEL.digital booth, where you will be able to read about and demo our newest games, chat with us through Discord, sign up for events, and watch gameplay videos and trailers, we've decided to run a limited-time event where you will have the opportunity to join us in a playful and unique 3D world – there you can meet us LIVE, along with our IMPs (convention demo staff), have fun, and play our upcoming games!

We will be opening a virtual 3D world, which we launched for the first time during our event Castle TriCon, last month.

The 3D world will open its virtual gates on Friday, October 23rd, and will also be running on Saturday, October 24th!

The event is co-hosted with HeidelBÄR Games and Horrible Guild, and is free to join – you will just need to register on our event page and get a free ticket.


You can look forward to demoing our new titles Lost Ruins of Arnak, Under Falling Skies, and Codenames Online as well as other games in our catalog, streaming content from media guests, and competitions!
Before that, you only need to register for a free and follow the simple steps (download the app, turn it on, and enter your unique player code).
Games will be played via the Tabletopia platform, who we've partnered with to help provide the most user-friendly form of playing possible.

More details will be coming soon, and we look forward to seeing you next week!

Oh and let's not forget, we just launched a BGG prize competition, give it a try, it's fun.

And if you don't succeed in winning, we have a backup solution for you to get ahold of our games now! You can direct order them from our store. We'll be processing and shipping the orders in the week after the show so you can have our new hot games from to play, and to share your first impressions - just like if you purchased it in-person from our Essen Spiel stand!

We are excited to try something new this year. Are you?