New Solo Content for Lost Ruins of Arnak

We have some great news for those brave adventurers, who dare to explore the Lost Ruins of Arnak all alone. As promised, we bring you two free updates to spice up your solo adventures – a new difficulty level, and a set of rival objectives.

Rival Objectives

They add more interaction into your solo adventure. Each round, your rival plans a few objectives that would grant them extra points, and it's up to you to outrun them and fulfil them first.

Purple Actions

They provide a satisfying challenge even for the most experienced adventurers. Similarly as with the red tiles, choose how many to use and shuffle them into your rival's action stack, instead of the easy tiles.

This content is made as a free print-and-play add-on to Lost Ruins of Arnak. You can download all the necessary materials, including the rules for free from our website:

Have fun!

CGE Team