Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition, the big overview!

Once again, we've teamed up with HeidelBÄR Games and Horrible Guild to bring you another exciting Castle TriCon event! You can join your friends and us in our virtual 3D world this weekend to chat, play games, win a copy of hot titles, fly around, and have fun!

Castle TriCon will open its virtual gate for all gamers this weekend!

Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition, the big overview!


The event is free to attend – just register to get your free ticket, and we'll send you everything you need to join us.

Here is an overview of all that we have planned for you during Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition:

Game Demos

This time, Czech Games Edition will have even more of our games available for you to play on the virtual tables:

  • Lost Ruins of Arnak
  • Under Falling Skies
  • Codenames
  • Codenames: Duet
  • Dungeon Petz
  • Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
  • Tash-Kalar
  • and Letter Jam!

Our imps are at your disposal and will be happy to teach you any of these games. Don't hesitate to ask!

Letter Jam, the cooperative word game, will also have its digital edition premiere during the event. See if you can create effective clues from the letters you see and spell a meaningful word to help your teammates guess their secret letters!

Our partners, HeidelBÄR Games, and Horrible Guild will bring you an extra batch of games as well:

Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition, the big overview!

Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition, the big overview!

Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition, the big overview!

Special 3D World Events and Contests

To give you and your friends even more things to do in the 3D world this year, we have prepared a ton of fun activities for you:


All around the CGE world, we've hidden containers with letters in them that form three secret words. Collect all letters, discover these words, and send us your answers to get a chance to win Lost Ruins of Arnak, Under Falling Skies, or Codenames. For more info, head to


Find the 7 secret boxes hidden around the 3D world of Castle TriCon. If you answer all questions correctly, you can win a cool Castle TriCon T-shirt and codes for digital board games from CGE and Horrible Guild. For more info, head to


Take a screenshot of your favorite thing in Castle TriCon's 3D world and share it on your Facebook / Twitter / Instagram with #castletricontest. CGE, HeidelBÄR Games, and Horrible Guild will each pick two winners who will then receive one of the publishers' hot titles: Under Falling Skies, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Vampire the Masquerade: Vendetta, Unicorn Fever, Spicy, Coyote, Anansi, Blaze, Decipher, Wordsmith, or A la carte.

The winners will be announced on Monday, March 1st.


Get a behind-the-scenes look at cool concept art and developer diaries for Lost Ruins of Arnak and Under Falling Skies.


Expand your avatar collection! Can you find all the avatars hidden around the world of Castle TriCon?


Running is easy – but can you fly? Challenge your friends to a race and see who is the best flyer! Did you know that each avatar is moving at a different speed?

Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition, the big overview!


Live Streams

Follow CGE's Twitch channel or watch directly from within the 3D world.

Under Falling Skies campaign playthrough

You can look forward to Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules! He'll be running exclusive campaign playthroughs of Under Falling Skies with giveaways each day!

Through the Ages app strategy chit chat

Get some extra strategies, tips, and tricks on playing Through the Ages digital from Pajada, our Through the Ages master!


Codenames is always entertaining, but Codenames Live! Comedy Show with Tim Riel and other comedians brings a whole new level of fun!

BGG on Castle TriCon stage!

You know Nikki & Lincoln from BoardGameGeek – Game Night! Date Night! Watch Lost Ruins of Arnak and Under Falling Skies playthroughs and their thoughts on these games on Saturday!

Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition, the big overview!

Last but not least, during the Castle TriCon weekend, you can try Galaxy Trucker and Through the Ages digital games on Steam for FREE! If you like it, you can buy it with a discount: Through the Ages -10 % and Galaxy Trucker -40 %!

We can't wait to see you at Castle TriCon! Game on!