Galaxy Trucker Relaunch

We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of Galaxy Trucker, the award-winning family game by Vlaada Chvátil!

In Galaxy Trucker, 2 to 4 truckers begin by simultaneously rummaging through the common warehouse, frantically trying to grab the most useful component tiles for building their space ship — all in real-time.

Once the ships are launched, players will encounter dangerous situations while vying for financial opportunities—each hoping to gain the most valuable cargo and finish with as much of their ship still intact as possible.

Of course, that's easier said than done since many hazards will send pieces of your ship, your cargo, and your crew hurling into the depths of space.

The goal is to survive the trek (hopefully with at least some of your crew and ship intact) and have at least one credit by the end of the game (a profit, yay!). Players earn credits by delivering goods, defeating pirates, having the best-looking ship, and reaching their destination before the others.

Galaxy Trucker Relaunch

Did you know?

The original edition of Galaxy Trucker, released in 2007, was the first game ever published under the Czech Games Edition brand. Since then, this goofy universe has spun off into the digital app, four dense expansions, one anniversary edition, and the novel written by our rule writer, Jason A. Holt.

So what's new in the Galaxy Trucker re-launch?

  • Amazing new art and enhancements – The relaunched edition of Galaxy Trucker features a full graphical overhaul, with charmingly re-designed art—as well as card balancing tweaks, more ship tiles, and nicer astronaut and alien tokens!
  • A faster, more accessible experience – We've streamlined the core gameplay loop into one single flight, to deliver a faster moving game that's easier for players of all ages to enjoy. It's perfect for little truckers, beginners, and everyone who wants to fly through the galaxy in around 20 minutes (for the smallest ship size).
  • More depth if you want it – Don't worry. For veteran players who want a longer experience, the "Transgalactic Trek "offers an epic three flight campaign to satiate your thirst for galactic long hauling.
  • Smaller box, cheaper price – The new smaller box size takes up less shelf space and comes with a significantly better price! (Recommended MSRP is €/$30.)

Stay tuned, as we'll have more to share with you as we get closer to the Summer 2021 release.

The manufacturing engines are already on fire!