Introducing our new Content Creation team

Don’t be surprised if you see some friendly new faces popping up on our Twitch and YouTube channels very soon. They say two heads are better than one...and we absolutely couldn’t agree more. That’s why we decided to bring two new smiles to the CGE family. Meet Eleni and Rachel, our new in-house content creation team!

As the newest additions to our growing US team, Eleni and Rachel will be spearheading the expansion of our online video content across Twitch and YouTube. You’ll be seeing a LOT of them in the coming months, so we wanted to take a moment to introduce them both to you!

Eleni Papadopoulou - YouTube Content

Introducing our new Content Creation team – Eleni

Many of you may already know Eleni from her popular board game channel Cardboard Rhino, where (along with her two cat co-hosts) she creates accessible, often humorous reviews and how to play videos alongside other types of content like vlogumentaries, interviews, and thematic lists of board game suggestions.

Eleni will be bringing her fresh ideas and top-notch video editing skills to our YouTube channel, producing a wide range of engaging content for both casual board gamers and Euro gaming enthusiasts alike. Expect to see a lot more variety on our channel going forward, as Eleni also gives you a closer behind-the-scenes look into the many cool projects and creative people we have here at CGE.

“I feel very fortunate to be working in a welcoming, inclusive, and exciting industry that allows me to follow and combine my two passions, board games and video making,” she says.


Rachel Billings - Twitch Streaming

Introducing our new Content Creation team – Rachel

With a passion for brand-based community building in the board game space, Rachel joins us from her previous role at Resonym — where she built the indie publisher’s Twitch channel from the ground up and fostered a diverse, engaged, and inclusive online community.

Rachel is looking forward to getting to know (and play lots of games with) CGE fans, as she brings new energy and unique weekly programming to our Twitch streaming schedule. Stay tuned for lots of special guests, interviews, interactive matches of your favorite CGE games, and much more!

“The big thing for me with the Twitch channel is creating content that’s very focused on community engagement and interaction,” she says. “Expect a very personality forward approach to our live streams in the future. If you tune in every week, you will get to know me as a person as well...we’re going to become friends.”


Q&A with Rachel and Eleni

The excitement is very real here at CGE! We’ve got big plans for the months and years ahead, and we can’t wait to show you what’s to come. Want to know a bit more about our new content creator team? Check out this fun Q&A they put together for you!