Our Twitch Channel is Back (Now with Weekly Streaming Content)!

We know, we know...our Twitch channel has been a little quiet the last few months, but all that is changing now that we’ve officially kicked off the channel relaunch! Are you ready to join us each week for multiple live-streams of community-focused content, special guests, and a lot of fun silly shenanigans. Great! Let’s do this (now with 449% more TONY EMOTES)!

Our Twitch Channel is Back (Now with Weekly Streaming Content)!

So what can you expect from our new approach to Streaming here at CGE? For starters, Ray—our new Twitch content creator and host—will be streaming three days a week, bringing you a rotating line-up of exciting segments.

Our Twitch Channel is Back (Now with Weekly Streaming Content)!

Here’s a look at our general schedule:

Tuesdays - Community Czech-In or Two-sday

  • “Community Czech-In” - Is all about hanging out and interacting with our community, doing giveaways, and chatting about recent and upcoming content. In our last Community Czech-In stream, Eleni and Ray pulled back the curtain on some of our recent convention experiences and shared behind-the-scenes stories about the videos we produced at Gen Con, Origins, and Essen Spiel this year.
  • “Two-sday” - Is a segment where Ray and Eleni will be playing two-player games...yes, on a Tuesday. Tune in to see if Ray can ever beat Eleni! !

Our Twitch Channel is Back (Now with Weekly Streaming Content)!


Thursdays - Thinky Thursday

  • “Thinky Thursday” - Is where Ray will be playing more brain burny strategy games—sometimes on her own, sometimes with a guest from the community. In either case, this will feature more medium and heavier weight focused gaming.

Our Twitch Channel is Back (Now with Weekly Streaming Content)!


Fridays - Codenames: Guest Edition or Codenames: Bring Your Own Words

  • “Codenames: Guest Edition” - Join Ray as she invites special guests from the tabletop industry to play Codenames with her. In a neat twist, she’ll also use the words from the game as a jumping off point for unique interview questions to ask our guests.
  • “Codenames: Bring Your Own Words” - Say it with us now…*BYOWWWWW* In this segment, the CGE staff will play codenames with audience-generated words...what could go wrong with that? We’ll be compiling an ongoing list, so be sure to stop by on the reg and redeem channel points to add your own oddballs words for us to play with!


Fill-in Days - CGE VS Chat

  • “CGE vs Chat” - Whenever the wind blows (or we just feel like having some sporadic fun), this off and on segment is your opportunity to band together with your fellow chat members and try to beat the CGE staff at a game!

Why stop by and follow us on Twitch?

Three reasons: community, community, and community. We want to get to know you, have fun playing games, and build something awesome together! Our streams are highly interactive, and they’re a great way for our fans and friends to hang out and be part of the CGE family. Plus there are lots of opportunities for the community to win cool prizes, add custom words for future Codename streams, and get a behind-the-scenes look at what we're working on.

And who doesn’t want to listen to Ray talking in high pitch robot voices?

Don’t be a stranger! Pop on by and say hello!