Making Board Games, Episode 2: Galaxy Trucker & Space Alert

Unveiling the Origins of Galactic Fun

In this second episode of the unique docuseries, we delve into the inception of Galaxy Trucker and Space Alert. You'll discover the fascinating story behind when and why (and where :-)) Vlaada Chvátil conceptualized Galaxy Trucker. This real-time building game, with its quirky chaos and explosive energy, immediately captured players' hearts.

And if you've ever wondered how the Galaxy Trucker game would unfold when encountering a hostile enemy or a meteor shower, then get ready to step into the shoes of the brave crew who must man the cannons, confront unforeseen challenges, and work together as a team. Thus, the concept of Space Alert, a cooperative survival game, came to life in 2008.


Experience the journey


Featured Guests

Join us as we reminisce with special guests who were part of this era. Tom Vasel of Dice Tower, Paul Grogan of Gaming Rules!, and Heiko Ellen-Bilz from our esteemed German partner, HeidelBÄR Games, share their captivating memories. And don't miss the insights of none other than Kevin Sussman, also known as "Stuart" from the popular series Big Bang Theory. He reveals the intriguing presence of his favorite game boxes in the background of shooting scenes, including the iconic Sheldon's gauche spot.


More in Store

  • If you missed our enthralling first episode, which explored the origins of the very first CGE board game—Through the Ages—and how it paved the way for the future CGE team, catch up here.
  • Stay tuned for our upcoming third episode, arriving on Tuesday, August 29th. It will shine a spotlight on Dungeon Lords, Dungeon Petz, and Pictomania, offering yet another riveting chapter in the Making Board Games docuseries.