Letter Jam Goes Online!

Letter Jam Goes Online!

We are thrilled to announce that Letter Jam, the 2–6 player cooperative word game, is now available to play online—Letter Jam Online, our browser implementation of the board game is officially out!

If you can’t meet with your friends or family face-to-face but still want to enjoy a round or two of Letter Jam, we’ve got your back! Simply head to www.LetterJam.game, create a room, and send out an invite link to start playing.

Letter Jam Online is currently available to play in three languages (Czech, English, German) with the UI translated only to English and Czech—but don’t worry, we’re planning on adding more languages in the future.

Letter Jam Online continues what we’ve started with our previous browser release, Codenames Onlineboth online implementations are available for free, and will remain free for all players to enjoy. Our goal is to give board gamers the option to connect and play even if they’re not all in the same place.

And if you want to know more details about Letter Jam Online, keep on reading!




To celebrate this release, we’re giving away a copy of Letter Jam and Codenames to 1 lucky winner, both signed by the designers!

How to join?

  •  Post a picture or reel on Instagram with a strawberry in it – get creative!
  •  Use the hashtags #codenamesgame and #letterjamgame.
  •  Each post is one entry – enter as many times as you want!
  •  The winner will be chosen by an expert jury, including the designer of Letter Jam!
  •  You can enter by Sunday, September 10th, we'll announce the winner the following week.

Good luck!


The implementation offers some extra features on top of the standard Letter Jam rules to make the experience easier and more enjoyable. Here’s an overview of some of them:

  • EASY-TO-SHARE BROWSER IMPLEMENTATION—If you can't meet with your friends or family face-to-face but still want to enjoy a round or two of Letter Jam, just send them an invite link!
  • FIT FOR BOTH DESKTOP AND MOBILE DEVICES—We've tailored the experience to be playable on both smaller screens of mobile phones and large monitors of desktop computers.
  • GAME TUTORIAL—Learn how to use the implementation (and play Letter Jam) on the go; no previous knowledge of the game required!
  • AUTOMATIC SECRET WORDS GENERATOR—At the start of a game, simply pick the length of your word, and the system will take care of generating your secret word.
  • AUTOMATIC SCORING—At the end of the game, the game will also check if the word you’ve spelled out is valid, and award you points according to the rules (and if the word is not in the game’s extensive dictionary, players will have a chance to vote if they consider it valid).
  • MANY LANGUAGES, ONE GAME—The game’s UI is now available only in English and Czech, and the game itself is currently playable in 3 languages (English, Czech, German)—but we are planning on adding more languages for both the UI and the game itself in the future.
  • SUGGESTIONS—Submit your clues for others to vote about directly through the game system—perfect if you don't have an option to connect with your friends via third-party voice chat, or just want to see how other players will see your clue.
  • DARK MODE—If you're playing at night or simply don't like bright screens, we've got your back! Turn on the dark mode and let your eyes rest.
  • SPECTATE MODE—Want to watch your friends play but don't want to join yourself? You can! And you can even choose if you want to see the game from one of the players’ point of view, or if you want to see everybody's cards.
  • HIDE URL—If you'd like to livestream Letter Jam online and don't want random people to join the game, we have a "hide URL" option just for these cases.