Announcing SETI: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Lead a scientific institution tasked with searching for traces of life beyond planet Earth in SETI: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, a new eurogame for 1-4 players coming from CGE in late 2024.

Announcing SETI: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Designed by Tomáš Holek, SETI pays homage to space and planetary exploration, astronomy, the ongoing search for signs of life in the vastness of space, and efforts to understand the nature of life in the universe.


Watch the trailer here:


About the game

By launching probes to investigate nearby planets and moons, directing telescopes to distant star systems, and developing your equipment back on Earth, you will investigate the Solar System and beyond, searching for signs of life outside our planet. To aid in your exploration, you may also utilize 200+ cards that feature real technologies, projects, and discoveries, each of them with unique illustrations and effects.

SETI: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence will be released at ESSEN Spiel ‘24! Learn more about the game, and be sure to subscribe to the SETI page on Board Game Geek to be notified of updates and future content about the game, including designer diaries and other articles coming soon.