Announcing: Little Alchemists

Fun is brewing for all ages in Little Alchemists, a game of potion craft and deduction for 2–4 players. Based on the original Alchemists game from designer Matúš Kotry that was released in 2014, Little Alchemists is a streamlined standalone version that’s geared toward younger players and their families.

We’re excited to be releasing this new family-focused spin on the CGE classic on the 10 year anniversary of Alchemists’ original launch. Look for Little Alchemists when it releases at Gen Con 2024! Also, be sure to watch the teaser and read on for more details below:


About the game

Little Alchemists is a family-friendly deduction game that’s designed to grow with the curious minds of young players. The game starts with simple concepts and mechanics — you’ll start by gathering and combining ingredients for brewing potions to sell. As you collect keys by achieving your potion-making goals, however, you’ll unlock new chapters that gradually add more components, mechanics, and complexity to the experience.

Not sure how to make potions? No sweat! Potion craft takes mere seconds with the free Little Alchemists companion app. To make a potion, players simply select two ingredient tiles, then scan them using the companion app loaded onto a tablet or smartphone. This reveals the combined result, and lets players acquire and mark the corresponding potion knowledge on their secret player board.

With each potion you make, you'll begin to discover the mysteries that lie at the heart of alchemy. Players will have to use clever deductions to figure out the arcane properties of each ingredient, and can use that knowledge to their advantage across seven highly replayable unlockable chapters.

  • Gather ingredients, brew and sell potions, and publish theories based on experimentation and ingredient deduction.
  • Scan ingredients to craft unique potion combinations with a tablet or smartphone.
  • Unlock new chapters across multiple replays — each layers on new mechanics and complexity to expand the core experience.
  • A great primer on the basic concepts of Alchemists — once you’ve mastered Little Alchemists, you should be ready to try out the original euro game!

Announcing: Little Alchemists

Little Alchemists will be released at Gen Con 2024! Learn more about the game, and be sure to subscribe to the Little Alchemists page on Board Game Geek to be notified of updates and future content about the game, including designer diaries and other articles coming soon.