2009-04-01About Us

Czech Games Edition is a new Czech publishing company. Our goal is to pick the best games of Czech designers and bring them to the international market.

Czech Games Edition introduces itself at Essen “Spiel 07″ show by two titles: Galaxy Trucker, the latest game by Vlaada Chvátil, and League of Six (German title is Sechsstädtebund), the first internationaly published game of Vladimír Suchý.

Who is behind CGE?

Petr Murmak – one of these guys who dedicated his life to the board games, initiator of the CGE idea. Last year he was one of the people behind the Through the Ages success. In CGE, his main job is to select and to test the games, and also the production and sales.

Filip Murmak – graphic designer who also happens to be an enthusiastic player. You might know his graphic design and tireless typesetting skills from Through the Ages, and soon you can admire his work at Galaxy Trucker and League of Six. Being responsible for executive production of the games, he is one of the people that can’t go sleep until their work is perfect.

Vlaada Chvátil – successful Czech author (Prophecy, Through the Ages, Arena, Graenaland). In CGE, he will use his design experience to finalize the games, polish their mechanics and rules etc. As for his own games, he is looking forward to closely participate on their final look.

Ladislav Smejkal – a name inseparably connected to Czech boardgaming. He is organizing game events, and he is also behind the most prestige Czech modern board games tournament – Europemasters qualification. He is owner of a small internet game shop. In CGE, he is responsible mostly for Czech and German marketing.

However, CGE would not succeed without much more people – translators who enjoys their work so much they can be also considered testers (especially Jason Holt, Katka Girgensohn and Monika Dillingerová), game clubs and players across the whole Czech and Slovak country, and especially our friends, relatives and spouses who support us and don’t hesitate to spend whole day putting little astronauts into plastic bags when necessary. Thank you all.

A few words about history

It all started in 2006, with an association of similar name and purpose – Czech Board Games. We had prepared three games for the Essen show – one limited edition produced by ourselves (Through the Ages) and another two games (Graenaland and Legion) in cooperation with Altar, a local publisher. We may proudly say our games were very well accepted. And although it was not easy, we really enjoyed the work.

Then the idea of becoming a regular publisher came. It is a quite challenging hobby to publish top quality games without doing it as a main job. Moreover, the limited editions have two drawbacks – even if the game is successful and we find a publisher quickly, there is still relatively long period when the game is not available to the players, and it is also much more expensive to produce a high quality components and graphics for low print runs.

On the other hand, CBG was meant to be an association of Czech boardgame players and authors, and it would be shame to abandon this idea. So we decided it is time to split up – part of the original staff continues as CBG, part of it is behind this new subject: Czech Games Edition.

The Czech board game scene is very vidid and much alive. Want another proof? Meet us at Essen fair 2k7!

CGE staff