FarmerLenny from iSlaytheDragon

8.5/10 PROS: Works as an expansion to Codenames. Great adaptation of the game for two players. Works well with groups too. Individual art for agents and bystanders. XXL treatment is wonderful.
CONS: Your family might not want to play anything else.

Ibuki from 3rd Strike

…for those wanting a sturdy edition of the game the XXL edition is worth checking out. Keep in mind that with the XXL edition comes a steeper price tag, but we have to be honest and state that the XXL edition looks slightly better. If you’re looking for a two-player game, then Duet will provide you with a better experience than the other two Codenames games.

Antonios S. from RPG.net

Reissuing the game on a big size format is an idea as clever as it was expected, following the resounding success of the XXL version of the original Codenames. The bigger box and components make Codenames Duet XXL a centerpiece of your collection, as opposed to a small box at the edge of your library. Some might cry foul because the bigger cards are indeed handier…
Seeing how four to five games can be played within an hour and how addictive the game can become, expect to play multiple games in a single sitting.