FarmerLanny from I Slay the Dragon

The XXL treatment for Codenames appeals both to function and form: it is both easier and more satisfying to play in its giant configuration.


Antonios S. from RPG.net

Codenames XXL is definitely an improvement over its smaller brother when it comes to ease of play unless I carry the small game while travelling, and given the choice of playing one over the other, I will always go for XXL.


Allie form 3rd Strike

…the XXL edition is worth considering if you play with a larger group of people as the cards are more clear, the playing field will be better visible etc. We can advise this game as a whole, because Codenames in itself is a very fun and great game…


David McMilan from Meeple Mountain

…I figured out one of the reasons for the supersizing of things. My parents’ eyesight isn’t what it once was and the oversized cards were just what the doctor ordered. While I’ve grown a bit jaded on Codenames over the years, it was still a lot of fun getting to play it with my folks.