Jacob Daneman of Board Game Quest

Deal with the Devil is a Euro game that skews towards the heavier end of things, but offers some utterly unique game experiences. A wonderful theme, clever hidden roles, exciting blind trading, and an excellently integrated app make this game a potentially rewarding experience for the right group of exactly 4 players, but the bar for entry is high and time commitment is significant, so results may vary.

Tabletop Misfists' first impressions from Gen Con 2022

Check out this game, really cool guys if you get a chance and you really like heavy thematic euro games but with a deduction mechanism. I mean, I am excited about this. It looks really really cool…This is unique, it's super unique!

Steph Hodge of Board Game Geek

Deal with the Devil is still on my mind from BGG.CON. Sucha differetn game that has me thinking back on my time playing. I really hope to give it another play soon! The trading mechanic is sneaky and has more layers than it first lets on.

Branislav "Braňo" Berec of NitHRAnia

I’d give the Nobel prize for gaming to the app in Deal with the Devil.

Chris Wray of Opinionated Gamers

Deal with the Devil is worth the investment. This is likely to remain in my collection for a long time, because it is so unique. I have plenty of worker placement games, and plenty of social deduction games, but this combines those with a trading mechanic in a fresh and interesting way. I think board games have been on a downward slope in terms of originality in recent years, so this is a refreshingly new entry. I enthusiastically recommend DWTD.

Daniel of DiceDaniel

So for me, no devil’s dilemma, as Deal with the Devil is highly recommended – but especially for gaming groups that like more complex games, with a distinctive theme and full of devilish twists.

Ellis Zimmerman of Gaming Trend

Deal with the Devil is bizarre, novel, goofy, charming, mysterious, and it’s a chunky euro game. I feel as though this game was designed specifically for me and I’m ready to trade my soul for it, well, I would if I had one.
– Awarded "Best of Gen Con 2022: Best Games We Wish We Could Have Walked Out Of The Con With" –

Luke Hector from The Broken Meeple

I appreciate the design. I love the concept. I love the theme. I like that CGE is trying to do something different here…I applaud any kind of innovation in board gaming these days, and this is definitely an innovative game…If you've got that set up with four regular players, then you're going to think that this is a grand design; you're going to think it's amazing you're going to think it's the next best evolution in board gaming in which case – great – because I can see why.