Quintin Smith from Shut up & Sit down!

It is so so funny watching your friend's ship fall apart in space!

W. Eric Martin

A videoreview by Colin Sherman from Obsessed with Gaming

19-obsessed_with_gaming_logo“… I am giving a highest rating I have given to date – 9.8. Why I am not giving a 10? Because with expansion it is a 10…”

Colin Sherman

First Impression by W. Eric Martin on Boardgame News

2-boardgamenews_logoMore spacey than Space Dealer, more fun than Factory Fun, Galaxy Trucker is a blast of entertainment…

W. Eric Martin

Preview by Aaron Haag on Westpark Gamers

3-westpark_iconGalaxy Trucker is a very enjoyable game and definitely one of the best sci-fi games I have played since a long time.

Aaron Haag

A videoreview by Farid Widjaya on Basement Boardgamer

basementBoardgamer-GT“… it is excelent game, it is great game, it has lot of beautiful components, it plays quickly, it is superfun… I will give this game a solid 9…”

Farid Widjaya

Galaxy Trucker

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Galaxy Trucker: the game where you can have a fun time losing

One of the most fun parts of the game is when things go wrong.

Mike Hulsebus