Both Trapwords and Adrenaline DLC are landing at your FLGS in the US!

Good news everybody! Trapwords and the Adrenaline DLC expansion has landed at our US warehouse in Madison. That means that you can ask your favorite local hobby store to order a copy and ensure some nice gifts for the board game lovers in your life. You can even please yourself with our newest fun and fast-paced games.

Just be aware that the actual stocking date depends on each retailer and their shipping policy. It can also depend on the distance from their distribution warehouse. For the latest information please contact your local friendly game store.

We can't forget to give you a big thank you for the positive feedback you have given Trapwords and the fact that we actually sold out twice at BGG Con! That is all because of you!

You can try out (and also purchase) our new titles at Pax Unplugged. We are located in booth 2912 (Philadelphia, USA). You can also try them out at Dragonmeet, in the “New Essen games area” (London) this weekend.

See you around the gaming tables!