Kai from Meople’s Magazine

This interaction makes Trapwords incredibly satisfying for both teams. Correctly anticipating how the clue-giver would explain a word is just as awesome as artfully evading the other team’s traps. I’ve never played another word guessing game where I’d applaud the other team’s clue-giver.

Adam M. from The Daily Worker Placement

Trapwords is an absolute joy to play. I would highly recommend this to any group of 4-10 people who enjoy word or guessing games, and think themselves a little clever. It would make a worthy addition to most collections.

Ibuki from 3rd Stike

The moment you have some experience under your belt, you can start tweaking the rules to your liking, making the game harder as you go. If you’re looking for a fun party experience, with some guaranteed laughs, this one could easily earn a spot under your Christmas tree.

Martin Lockett from Zatu Games

95%: It’s easy to learn, engagingly illustrated and fun. We quickly grasped the gameplay and really enjoyed twisting our descriptions into knots to avoid the obvious trapwords.

Russell Chapman from For Chits & Giggles

For a party game, this really does its job fantastically, and was a real surprise. You’ll get a real sense of joy here when you snare somebody in a trap you set, just as you do when you avoid them as the clue giver.

Grace P. from Geek and Sundry

Thinking about how someone might describe a word, outside of the obvious descriptors, adds a second layer of game to Trapwords.

Oliver East from Just Push Start

Without a doubt Trapwords has earnt it’s space on my gaming shelf and with Christmas not too far away I’m sure it’ll hit the table a lot more when family come to visit.

Dale Yu from The Opinionated Gamers

I think that CGE has another great word game hit on their hands, and I do think that it’s different enough from Codenames to both belong in a game collection.

Dan King as Game Boy Geek

I would highly recommend it. Overall this game is fantastic. There’s NO way this game is not going to be on my short list when I start making party games a year for this year because it is fantastic!

Andrew Smith from Board Game Quest

As you can see, the comparisons to Taboo certainly make sense, but there is a lot more in the box as well. There are several different curses and monsters that add variety to the game.

Chris Baylis from Games Gazette Online

TRAPWORDS is superbly produced and is a heck of a lot of family fun. TRAPWORDS is a game you can happily enjoy to play several times in the same day. It is quick to set up and a lot of fun.