Czech Games Edition Announces Change in German Distribution

Today, we have some serious business news to share. This news is certainly very important for our German partners, and we firmly believe will only be beneficial to them in the future.

We, Czech Games Edition and HeidelBÄR Games, announce complete re-establishment of cooperation regarding all CGE's hobby market games in German-speaking territories.

Games from CGE and HeidelBÄR Games

HeidelBÄR Games has been operating in the gaming market for many years, founded in 1989 as Heidelberger Spieleverlag, and is still very well known. Acting as an independent publisher once more, they will take care with great expertise of German language localizations of both CGE’s released and new titles (with the exception of the Codenames games range).

Through this cooperation and their many years of experience in operating some of the biggest brands, we believe that such classic game titles as Through the Ages, Galaxy Trucker, Dungeon Lords, Pictomania, and many others will be in the best hands, both in terms of distribution and promotion.

You can see for yourself at the upcoming event Essen Spiel at the HeidelBÄR booth 1-C131, where our new title for 2019, Letter Jam, will be demoed in German.

Games from CGE and Asmodee

The German edition of “Codenames family” continues to be distributed by Asmodee Germany.

We share the opinion of Alexis Desplats, CEO of Asmodee Germany, who said: “By focusing on the Codenames range we will be able to put our strength in sales and in marketing to even better use for this successful game”, which we believe will benefit all, us as a publisher, the distributor, and last but not least you, gamers.

We would like to thank Asmodee Germany for their more than 3 years-lasting cooperation. From this point forward, we will be working together and focusing more closely on the Codenames product line (such as Codenames, Codenames: Pictures, Codenames: Duet, and their XXL editions).

Don't hesitate to stop by at Asmodee’s booth at Essen Spiel as well. They plan to present the original version of Codenames, together with the XXL edition, as well as the licensed Deep Undercover version.


If you have any questions regarding this topic, please contact us, HeidelBÄR Games, or Asmodee Germany.

We hope you will find your way to our booth 1-F145 as well, where we will be demoing our newest titles: Letter Jam and Sanctum, in both English and German. See you in less than a month!