Through the Ages Expansion is on its way to you!

We are happy to announce that the New Leaders and Wonders expansion boxes are leaving our warehouse and have started their journey into the whole wide world! The road to this release has not been easy and we are grateful for your patience and understanding – let's hope that this last trip will be smoother than the events leading to it (you can read about the story of the New Leaders and Wonders delay).

Our European fans can expect the game to appear in their local game stores during March and April, for the US, we have set the release date for May 13.

Now, get your civilizations ready to welcome the new courageous leaders and make space for their wondrous creations – the first Through the Ages expansion is on its way!

Through the Ages Expansion is on its way to you!

The New Leaders & Wonders expansion brings exciting new content to the base game, adding 24 leaders, 16 wonders, and military cards so you can change the flow of history and build even greater civilizations!

Recommended price: $30 / 30 €