Happy Holidays from CGE

What an interesting year! As we finally reach the end of 2021 and take a moment to catch our breath, we would like to wish you all happy holidays from the team at CGE! We're so grateful to be have been able to see you all at shows again and share our new titles with you.

Happy Holidays from CGE

The key moments of 2021

This year, Gen Con, Essen Spiel, and Pax Unplugged attendees had a chance to try out a giant version of the newly re-launched Galaxy Trucker.

Happy Holidays from CGE

Thanks and photo credit goes to Patrick Hayden.

It was hilarious watching everyone running around and scrambling to build their ships with large tiles, and people seemed to have a blast with it.
For really brave truckers, there is a free mini-expansion called Rough Roads that makes the game even harder and crazier. We're also currently working with our partners on many language translations, so keep an eye out for updates soon!

The expansion of Lost Ruins of Arnak, the Expedition Leaders was available to play and buy for the first time at Essen Spiel, Germany. In the USA, some of you were able to grab the first copies of the game in limited numbers at the recent PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia. A shipment of additional copies left our printer a few weeks ago and is headed across the Atlantic—games from this container are expected to arrive in the US stores in the first weeks of 2022.
The Expedition Leaders expansion has had an enthusiastic response so far and we're thrilled with the reception it's receiving.
If you want even more Arnak fun, you can find extra materials like Playtesting reports, Art series, and Solo Campaign.

Last but not least, Eleni and Ray joined our team as our new in-house content creators, and man, they've been doing just great! After the Holiday break, you can join regular live streams on Twitch with the board game community and chat with Rachel.

Meanwhile, have fun with some great videos such as How board games are made!


Little presents for you!

Invite your friends and family to a game of Codenames: Online over the Holidays. Add in the thematic word pack to get in the right mood.

Happy Holidays from CGE

Happy Holidays from CGE


Additionally, we are sharing free printable files for our 2022 Calendar featuring illustrations from our games as a nice gift for you and your board game-loving beloved.

And if you're searching for something tiny and cute for spreading holiday cheer, there is a selection of our Happy Holidays cards that you can download and print out! Share them with your loved ones, print them and use them as a name tag for your presents, or give them to someone who might use a little mood boost.


Download all cards as .zip
Download all cards as .pdf (A4)
Download all cards as .pdf (US Letter)


So, what will 2022 bring us? It's hard even to venture a guess, but you can be sure that we will bring you more games.


Stay healthy, game on, and enjoy the Holiday season!