Tom Vasel from The Dice Tower

…I’ve seen this happen, where someone mixes up their word a little bit, but it still spat out a word. BOOM! That’s just hilarious fun!

Ibuki from 3rd Strike

Letter Jam puts your gray matter to work, but it never overly stresses the player. You’ll be in for a fun party word guessing game, with all the necessary elements to stay fun from start to finish.

Andrew Smith from Board Game Quest

The act of giving clues in Letter Jam is just as interesting as being given a clue. Trying to find a word that can help multiple people is an art unto itself.

Efka Bladukas from No Pun Included

Every rule in Letter Jam has been expertly crafted with one focus in mind: ’How can we make this more fun for the people playing the game?

Peder from Nerdologists

I love this game. I think the concept of it is extremely clever, and it’s a word game that works for most people. I can see pulling this out with parents or with friends, and it would go over well.

Jeremy from The Boardgame Detective

There is scope for some very creative and clever ways of conveying information through the clues and I’ve been very surprised and excited to see these at play.

Brandon Kempf from Opinionated Gamers

I adore Letter Jam. It can be that kind of game, and it’s addictive to boot, or at least it is for those of us who love to try to solve a puzzle that’s sitting right in front of us, even if we mess up three quarters of the time.

Ronny Alexander from Co-op Board Games

I love word games, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that I’m a fan of Letter Jam. It creates a unique and challenging word puzzle for everyone to work through, it plays well at all player counts, and it works really well as a filler game.

Antonios S. from RPG.net

Clever! You’d better know your diction, and have an extended vocabulary yourself, so that your clues come out as the most helpful possible.

Chris Wray from Opinionated Gamers

“It is tense, it is fun, and it is the right amount of think-y. I love it.”

W. Eric Martin from BGG

Letter Jam is a phenomenally smart design. As with Codenames and to some degree Decrypto, you need to give clues to your fellow players that work on multiple layers. Longer words tend to be better for clues because they'll give players more to work with, but sometimes you just can't make it happen!

Adam from Bonanza

I thoroughly enjoyed this game! I love that you can make it more complex if your group is capable of that.

Jonathan Hicks from Boardgame Opinions

As long as everyone playing the game enjoys trying to make words out of letters it's fantastic. I really, really, enjoyed it. I do like the whole making words thing but the fact they all kind of work together with other people... It's really, really nice. I would be on 8 and a half (of 10).