Antonios S. from RPG.net

Clever! You’d better know your diction, and have an extended vocabulary yourself, so that your clues come out as the most helpful possible.

I enjoyed how the game tries to keep everybody engaged and rotates the clue giver.

Chris Wray from Opinionated Gamers

“It is tense, it is fun, and it is the right amount of think-y. I love it.”

W. Eric Martin from BGG

Letter Jam inspires cleverness in both the clue giver and the clue receiver.

Letter Jam is a phenomenally smart design. As with Codenames and to some degree Decrypto, you need to give clues to your fellow players that work on multiple layers. Longer words tend to be better for clues because they'll give players more to work with, but sometimes you just can't make it happen!

Jon Purkis from Actualol

It's a really interesting puzzle and just I really like the deductive element of it. A lot of people were loving this game and to be honest it was my favorite game that I played at the convention (UK Games Expo). I've really wanted to be able to take it home.

Adam from Bonanza

I thoroughly enjoyed this game! I love that you can make it more complex if your group is capable of that.

Jonathan Hicks from Boardgame Opinions

As long as everyone playing the game enjoys trying to make words out of letters it's fantastic. I really, really, enjoyed it. I do like the whole making words thing but the fact they all kind of work together with other people... It's really, really nice. I would be on 8 and a half (of 10).