Ryan Post of The Opinionated Gamers

I absolutely love the new leaders; they are 2 of the most fleshed out leaders designed so far. The new research tracks take the variability of Arnak up another notch.

I think if either half of the content appeals to you, you won’t be disappointed in the results. In the end, I am glad to own all of Arnak and glad that Arnak continues to grow in its effort for world domination.

David and Greg of Beastie Geeks

Missing Expeditions is a perfectly designed add-on, full of innovative ideas. It shows the designers have a ton of fun with it and they poured all of the love they could into this project.

Sunniva and Johannes of Board Gaming Ramblings

I like this (Campaign mode), I think that it was good but if you play it solo or if you like cooperative games and you are two players or a couple or whatever you are and I think this is a great value for this expansion... It’s more Arnak! Arnak is a great game and this is more of it, especially getting two new temples is kind of the biggest deal here. I think it adds lots of variability and also two more leaders to choose from, so you have a lot of stuff like it’s adding.