Richard Ham of Rahdo Runs Through

Everything about this game is about immediacy and efficiency and fluidity and it's awesome! It looks gorgeous... Yeah, love it. Is it going to make my top 10 of the year? It's an odds-on favorite at this point. Both Jen and I were over the moon in the Lost Ruins of Arnak.

Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower

The game feels very balanced, really Balanced! ... Even after the first time, the second time, as you go through like WOW, these are neat cards and every game feels different... The variety here is huge!

Dan King of The Game Boy Geek

So awesome! I typically don't even like deck-building games, but the way that this one uses it, I loved it and I think more games are going to use this in the future because it just works so well. It's a brilliant idea.

Frank Kulkmann of Kulkmann's Gamebox

For me, this is a very strong contender for next year's game awards, and I can certainly understand why the game is receiving so much publicity at SPIEL.digital.

Dale Yu of Opinionated Gamers

Wow. This was a great first game. I wasn’t sure how well I was going to grok it from reading the rules and preparing my review, but wow – this game is good. All the mechanics are tightly woven together, and though our game took close to 90 minutes, it was one of those games where it didn’t feel like we had played that long as we were so engaged with it.

Jonathan Cox of John Gets Games

This game did a really neat idea of mashing together worker placement, deck-building, resource management in a way that just kind of fulfills all of these different things they mesh super well together.

Chris and Jamie of The Secret Cabal Gaming podcast

I felt like it was one of the adventures that I went on in the fortunate glory of the board game. Instead of drawing a card and something happens, this is the entire adventure. And... Indiana Jones is exactly right! That what I was felt playing this... It’s a very very very thematic for Euro game.

Justin Spicer of Casual Game Revolution

The game is easy to teach, easy to learn, and games with 3-4 players are usually done in an hour (unless players experience severe analysis paralysis). The game can run a bit long in the solo variant, because it allows players a little bit of time to think through turns more and outsmart a simple, yet effective A.I. deck, but again does not last more than 45-50 minutes.

Tom and Wes of Never Bored Gaming

The game is just perfect for us. This is absolutely not like as we've grown in our tastes of refined, no, had you shown me this game 2 years ago I would be gushing about it just the same. It'll be evergreen for us.