Peter M. Molleer from Tabletop Together

The overall idea and theme of the game is great... It’s great to do things opposite of most other games. The art on the cards pushes this to the next level, with absurd and funny illustrations that really nail down the theme of the game.

Dale Yu from Opinionated Gamers

Prodigals Club is a well constructed game with three modules that work well in any arrangement. ... I like the way the different modules mesh together.

Chris Marling from Go Play Listen: A four-sided game review

​It gives your brain a good workout (there’s a strong puzzle element) while not really punishing you in a competitive way – pretty typical mid-weight euro stuff.

Zee Garcia from The Dice Tower

​This game is a really solid euro game, lots of fun card play, neat theme, cool artwork, very clever mechanism...

Richard Ham aka Rahdo: Final Thoughts
​Looks really really cool. Looks gorgeous. It's very very funny and silly. And gives you a lot of think about.

Teresa Jackson: A Board Game About Acting Badly
​Everything works together. The theme and the art are funny and well executed.

Giant Fire Breating Robot: Lose it All!
​Fun theme, interesting mechanics, and the multi-competition is great.