Author: Filip Murmak
Year: 2020
Players: 1+
Age: 12+
Time: 30–60
Theme: Demon slaying adventure
game inspired by hack
and slash genre.
Mechanics: single-player variant
of the Sanctum board game
Base Game: Sanctum
Download: rules EN(DE, FR, CZ, RU)

You may already be familiar with racing against other heroes with the goal to banish the evil that plagues Sanctum. With fighting your way through hordes of enemies while gearing up to face the blight that is Demon Lord, all to restore the realm to its former glory.

Now, you find yourself on the green meadows by the dock alone, the only one called to exterminate the evil in the city of Sanctum and the whole adjacent region. You alone must cleave your way through the demons and save the land. It is a lofty mission, but you are the only one who can do it.

Everything needed for the solo variant can already be found in Sanctum’s box.
The attached rules provide how to setup the game, and all gameplay changes.