Space Alert review on Kulkmann’s G@mebox

Kulkmans Gamebox: SpaceAlertWOW! I have rarely played a game which is as fast paced as Space Alert, and the game offers an absolutely authentic and captivating playing atmosphere.

Frank Schulte-Kulkmann

Brettspiele Report: Space Alert

“Space Alert” ist wirklich mal eine ganz andere Art von Brettspiel.

Jörg Lehmann

Box of Delights Presents… Space Alert

Video play-through

Box of Delights

Ringbote: Space Alert

ringboteSpace Alert ist ein spielenswerter Mix aus Kommunikations-, Strategie- und Zeitbegrenzungsspiel geworden, welches mit der richtigen Raumschiffcrew lang anhaltenden Spaß bietet – garantiert länger als die 10 Minuten pro Mission.

Lars Jeske

Review at Drake’s Flames by Matt Drake

drakesFlamesImagine you and four friends are in a giant hamster ball… Now imagine that the hamster ball is careening down the Alps, bouncing off trees and skiers and dogs with whiskey barrels on their collars…  Now imagine that you have to control this insane spherical avalanche of chaos, and that’s Space Alert.

Matt Drake

Chaos im Weltraum

FAIRspieltMit Space Alert bekommt man ein kooperatives Spiel geboten, das wie kein anderes Spiel die Teamarbeit fördert und fordert.

Benjamin Törck

Space Alert: 10 minutes of frantic–and fun–teamwork

There is so much happening and so many things that happen at once that it’s a challenge to work together well enough that the guns stay firing and the shields stay up.

Mike Hulsebus

Have You Heard of Space Alert

Then the computer announced a serious threat. We flipped the card, revealing some hideous enemy ship that got a boost to its shields every time we damaged it, and my eager crew looked up at me for instructions.


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