Dave Banks from GeekDad

It’s fun and everyone seems to enjoy it. Oftentimes, the answers present a real dilemma as to which you would choose, let alone the person being asked. It’s friendly for all and has the best rule book ever.

Jason Crognale from Play Board Games

The components for this game are great. The rules are funny, easy to read, and have lots of examples. I am not a huge fan of these types of games but must say I enjoy That’s a Question!

Dale Yu from The Opinionated Gamers

I find that I enjoy asking and answering the questions here, and I love learning more about my gaming friends through their answers, but this isn’t the sort of thing that I care about winning or losing. I just enjoy the "doing" – and I would happily play this with any group of my friends that wanted a good laugh and to learn a bit more about each other.

Chris Hecox from Geek Under Grace

Creates space for hilarious questions and difficult scenarios, destined to make great memories. Stands out from the miserably unimaginative party game genre.

The Review Board from Miniature Market

If you enjoy learning new things (or confirming old assumptions) about your family, friends and loved ones this game might be for you.

Grace from Miniature Market

Every question provokes some kind of discussion. Game creates the shared memories and inside references.