Dave Banks from GeekDad

It’s fun and everyone seems to enjoy it. Oftentimes, the answers present a real dilemma as to which you would choose, let alone the person being asked. It’s friendly for all and has the best rule book ever.

GeekInsight from Geek & Sundry

This is a strong evolution in Codenames play. Duet takes the basic idea and improves nearly every aspect of the ruleset and gaming experience.

Ronny Alexander from Co-Op Board Gamers

Codenames Duet is an excellent two-player deduction game. I’ve had a chance to play it with about 10 other people and all of them wanted to play again and again and again and again. Codenames Duet is already on our Top 5 Co-ops for Two Players list. That’s how much we’ve enjoyed this game.

Oliver East from Just Push Start

The same gameplay of the original game holds up extremely well, considering the shift from a competitive to cooperative board game. The essence of the game is still shining strong. You get the same satisfaction from giving great links and guessing those tenuous ones as before.

Grace from Miniature Market

The way that the key cards and back-and-forth clue giving captures that exciting pressure in a 2-player design is impressive.