Stella from Meeple University

We love Through the Ages. The game usually takes a good few hours to play so it’s good to know that the game is even more balanced. New leaders are probably my favorite part of the game because I like engine building mechanics so much. So these are some fresh new ways for engine build.

Adam Roffel from Games Reviews

With The New Leaders and Wonders expansion, players get to make new discoveries all over again, bringing new ideas and mechanics into the game in a very subtle way. With new leaders to use, some players may alter the way they expand and advance their civilization.
New wonders means new bonuses, and again, the opportunity to focus your civilizations arch in a different direction. Add in new military cards, and the designers have added so much to Through the Ages without ruining or altering the core game play loop or game concepts.
If you have been playing a lot of Through the Ages recently, and want to give the game new life in your home, pick up The New Leaders and Wonders expansion. It’s an easy recommendation from us.

Tom Vasel from Dice Tower

That’s fantastic. Through the Ages is one of the greatest civilization games of all times! Now, that the fact that they added some more (leaders), you know, this is something I’m sure it must go through some extensive play testing that has this stuff so it doesn’t over balance the game, but I am excited to see what these are.

Antonio S. from RPG.net

Few expansions support their base game as well as New Leaders and Wonders does with A New Story of Civilization. I take it for granted that anybody who plays the base game will buy it. Hell, the attention it pays to detail might alone be the reason to also buy the base game.