2020-05-27Under Falling Skies announcement

Under Falling Skies announcement

We are very pleased with such a great reception of Under Falling Skies 9-card print and play version we shared with you over the last few weeks!

We would now like to officially announce that Under Falling Skies from the author Tomáš Uhlíř will be the next new title for CGE this year.

In this solo game you take charge of an underground base, trying to stop the alien invasion.

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2020-05-13New Leaders and Wonders Release and Designer's Notes

New Leaders and Wonders Release and Designer's Notes

In the past few weeks, the long-awaited New Leaders and Wonders expansion for Through the Ages has been introduced to countries all around the world – and today, it is finally available in the North America as well.

To celebrate the release, we would like to share with you some behind-the-scenes notes from the designer of the game, Vlaada Chvátil.

Have you even wondered how the original set of personalities and wonders was picked for the game? Do you want to know more about who Jan Žižka is, why we picked him for the game, or what his abilities represent? Or would you like to read more behind-the-scenes details about some other cards in the game? We have some good news for you!

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2020-05-08Adrenaline: Solo Play DLC – free single-player variant

Adrenaline: Solo Play DLC – free single-player variant

It seems so long ago. Back in 2016, Adrenaline by Filip Neduk, inspired by the first-person shooter computer games was published. The game combined area control, careful resource management, no dice and no mercy!

The expansion came two years later. Adrenaline: Team Play DLC added the possibility to play with up to 6 players, in 2 teams, with character-specific weapons and abilities. It also added a unique Adrenaline Rush system and streamlined gameplay.

However, the voices of solitary warriors hollowly echoed against the empty metal walls of the Adrenaline arena. Until now...

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2020-05-01In Letter Jam every letter matters! Big language update

In Letter Jam every letter matters! Big language update

First of all, we would like to express how much we respect all of you, our fans, and gaming partners. Thanks to the gamers who purchased Letter Jam, it’s currently our 2nd most popular game, after Codenames!

This support has been overwhelming and makes us keen to make sure we can provide the game to as many literacy-game-lovers as possible. This brings us to our localization partners. Letter Jam has been already translated into 9 languages so far: English, Italian, Polish, Czech, Romanian, German, French, Hungarian and Dutch!

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2020-04-21Under Falling Skies: Print and Play version

Under Falling Skies: Print and Play version

This year we are working on something special. It's a solo game called Under Falling Skies. This game originated as a print & play game on BGG. In fact, it won the 2019 9-Card Nanogame P&P Design Contest!

At about that same time, we hired the designer to work on various projects at CGE. He brought Under Falling Skies to one of our playtesting events, and we liked it a lot!

Now we're developing an expanded version with high-quality components, new artwork, a variety of missions, and an extended campaign.

While you're waiting for more information about the official release, you can read more about this project, download the print & play version right now, for free, on CGE blog. Enjoy.

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2020-04-20CGE Virus Situation & How to Stay in the Game

CGE Virus Situation & How to Stay in the Game

First of all, we hope you are reading this report in the safety of your home, and if you must go out, that you are still in good health. We do not have to remind you of the situation we all are in.

We are with you during these difficult days and are prepared to overcome this together. Our update today is longer than usual, but... you have time, don't you?

CGE blog – why now and what to expect?

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Web news

As a small gift, you can download and print out our calendar for 2019.
Rules for Pulsar 2849 are now available for download.
We are excited to announce that USAopoly are our official partner for the licensing of the Codenames Game franchise.
Rules for Adrenaline and Alchemists: The King's Golem are now available for download.
Some more languages of rules for Codenames are now available for download.
Rules for The Prodigals Club in 4 languages are now available for download.