2021-06-29Lost Ruins of Arnak Gets an Expansion – Expedition Leaders

Lost Ruins of Arnak Gets an Expansion – Expedition Leaders

We are proud to announce that our award-winning board game Lost Ruins of Arnak is getting an all-new expansion titled Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders.

Give your expedition an edge by choosing one of six unique leaders, each equipped with different abilities, skills, and starting decks that offer different strategies and styles of play for you to explore.

In addition to the leader abilities, which bring a new element of asymmetry to the game, this expansion also contains new research tracks that offer even more variety and a bigger challenge, along with new item and artifact cards.

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2021-06-27Galaxy Trucker is heading to manufacturing!

The third chapter of the Lost Ruins of Arnak solo campaign is out

Today we're excited to share a few production progress updates for the upcoming relaunched edition of Galaxy Trucker!

If everything goes well, the first copies will appear in stores in late summer. Other languages will follow, as usual. The recommended price is $29.95/ €29.95.


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2021-06-03Play the Free Solo Campaign for the Lost Ruins of Arnak

The third chapter of the Lost Ruins of Arnak solo campaign is out

Dear friends,
After months of development, testing, and iterating, we have released our free four-chapters-long solo campaign The Search for Professor Kutil.

The famous scholar’s expedition vanished somewhere in the uncharted waters of the Pacific Ocean—while searching for a mysterious island nobody believed existed. It seems the professor may have found what he was looking for, but what happened to his expedition? Only scarce traces of the team’s presence remain, but nothing truly explains where they are or what happened to them.

Will you succeed and find Professor Kutil and his team? The Search for Professor Kutil is on!

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2021-05-17Lost Ruins of Arnak Nominated for Kennerspiel des Jahres 2021

Lost Ruins of Arnak Nominated for Kennerspiel des Jahres 2021

We're excited to see Lost Ruins of Arnak nominated for Kennerspiel des Jahres 2021, alongside Fantasy Realms and Paleo.

The road to Arnak wasn't easy, as you might've read in our recent blog post – and we are ever so grateful for you supporting us on this journey.

We want to congratulate all other nominees and to wish them good luck! The winners of Kennerspiel des Jahres will be announced on July 19, 2021 – so keep your fingers crossed!

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2021-04-21Galaxy Trucker Relaunch

Galaxy Trucker Relaunch

We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of Galaxy Trucker, the award-winning family game by Vlaada Chvátil!

In Galaxy Trucker, 2 to 4 truckers begin by simultaneously rummaging through the common warehouse, frantically trying to grab the most useful component tiles for building their space ship — all in real-time.

Once the ships are launched, players will encounter dangerous situations while vying for financial opportunities—each hoping to gain the most valuable cargo and finish with as much of their ship still intact as possible.

Of course, that's easier said than done since many hazards will send pieces of your ship, your cargo, and your crew hurling into the depths of space...

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2021-04-13Lost Ruins of Arnak is in Beta on Board Game Arena

Lost Ruins of Arnak is in Beta on Board Game Arena

We have a fun surprise for our Lost Ruins of Arnak fans! As of today, the game has officially entered into beta on Board Game Arena and is finally available to play online. We would like to thank our friend Adam Španěl for his hard work and for bringing this implementation to life. Also, huge thanks to our alpha testers for their numerous comments and ideas!

We wanted to provide our fellow board gamers with a quality option to play Lost Ruins of Arnak remotely, as we know that there are still many people who cannot meet with their friends for a game night.

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2021-03-05Looking back over Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition

Looking back over Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition

Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition is over, and it was a blast! Over two days, we welcomed almost 1,000 board gamers from over 50 countries.

There were over 400 entries in the Letter Hunt contest and over 70 entries in our Scavenger Hunt. Huge thanks to everyone for taking part, and congratulations to our lucky winners. The competition was tough!

Also, choosing only the six best screenshots from all of the amazing and funny pictures you shared was tough as well! If you want to see more of them, search for #castletricontest on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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2021-02-24Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition, the big overview!

Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition, the big overview!

Once again, we've teamed up with HeidelBÄR Games and Horrible Guild to bring you another exciting Castle TriCon event! You can join your friends and us in our virtual 3D world this weekend to chat, play games, win a copy of hot titles, fly around, and have fun!

Castle TriCon will open its virtual gate for all gamers this weekend!

Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition, the big overview!

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2021-02-10Codenames: Duet is now online!

Codenames: Duet is now online!

We are thrilled to announce that Codenames: Duet, a cooperative version of the beloved classic, is newly online and free to play remotely with your friends and family on www.codenames.game.

Codenames: Duet is now online!

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2021-01-21Lost Ruins of Arnak and Under Falling Skies Reprint

Lost Ruins of Arnak and Under Falling Skies Reprint

If your friendly local game store doesn't have Under Falling Skies or Lost Ruins of Arnak anymore, do not worry – more copies of both our new titles will be arriving soon worldwide, and we're here to give you more info about when.

The next reprint of the English version of Lost Ruins of Arnak will be landing in European stores throughout February. We expect the US stores to receive their shipments shortly after, in late February. More languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, ...) will follow in the weeks after.

The English copies of Under Falling Skies have just arrived in the US and should be landing in stores soon. Other languages (specifically Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish) along with more German and English will hit the market throughout March. Japanese games should arrive a month later in April.

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2021-01-19Castle TriCon returns on February 26, 2021!

Castle TriCon returns on February 26, 2021!

It is again with great pleasure that we invite you to Castle TriCon! Join us during our 2021 Spring edition of the show, happening publicly on February 26th and 27th.

Castle TriCon, as you might remember from the last September, is an online board gaming convention that will be happening in a unique virtual 3D world!

Connect with your friends and play games by HeidelBÄR Games, Czech Games Edition, and Horrible Guild.

Register for FREE to receive all of the information you will need to join us.

For more information about the event, visit the Castle TriCon website.

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