2020-10-16Spiel.Digital & CGE's 3D World

Spiel.Digital & CGE's 3D World

As you surely know, Essen Spiel 2020 will be replaced by SPIEL.digital, a virtual convention that will be taking place next week, October 22-25th.

CGE is excited to be a part of SPIEL.digital as a Gold Sponsor for the event, and we want to convey to you: our fans, partners, and media representatives an experience as close as possible to what you are used to when visiting us at an in-person convention.

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2020-10-07Looking back over Castle TriCon

Looking back over Castle TriCon

Shortly? It wasn't bad actually. Not bad at all!

First, we want to express our gratitude to all of you (over 800 virtual attendees) for being with us during the Castle TriCon event held in an innovative and playful 3D world.

If you want to be informed about the next round of Castle TriCon or kind of similar event, please jump to the official page and sign up for the newsletter. Thank you.

None of this would have happened if it hadn't been for our great partners HEIDELBÄR GAMES, and HORRIBLE GUILD, with whom we went into the unknown together and perhaps not for the last time.

Discovering the 3D virtual world of the Castle TriCon event!

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2020-10-02Pre-orders for new CGE releases!

Codenames.game at the Castle TriCon event!

Czech Games Edition accept pre-orders which will ensure a delivery of the "Essen Spiel" package right to your hands.

Under Falling Skies from Tomáš "Uhlík" Uhlíř
1+ players, 12+ years, 20–40 min, € 30, BGG profile

Lost Ruins of Arnak from Mín & Elwen
1-4 players, 12+ years, 30 min per player, € 60, BGG profile

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2020-09-16Codenames.game at the Castle TriCon event!

Codenames.game at the Castle TriCon event!

We are excited to announce today that Codenames.game will be officially out of Beta next week during our Castle TriCon event! Codenames.game is the official online platform through which you can play Codenames remotely with your friends and family.

We want to thank everyone who have joined us so far, and who have provided us with priceless feedb ack! Codenames.game is finally ready to peel off the Beta label.

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2020-09-05Free Registration for Castle TriCon is open now!

Free Registration for Castle TriCon is open now!

Castle TriCon is an online board gaming convention that will be happening in a unique virtual 3D world!

Connect with your friends and play games by HeidelBÄR Games, Czech Games Edition, and Horrible Guild.

Register for this event to get your ticket and access information that will allow you to join the online world during the event.

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2020-08-28Join us for Castle TriCon 2020 next month!

Join us for Castle TriCon 2020 next month!

The challenges of this year for publishers, distributors, and retailers are vast, as they are for all people, non-gamers and gamers alike. The best we can do is to adapt to this new situation. This requires us to expand into new platforms to present our games, so we can hopefully bring more joy to the tabletops of the world.

It is with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to a new event, but one that has a strong foundation. Please join us for CASTLE TRICON 2020, taking place from Saturday to Sunday, September 26–27th.

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2020-08-20Virtually Expo 2020

Virtually Expo 2020

UK Games Expo 2020, a free virtual show, begins Friday, August 21st. You might be interested in what’s new from CGE this season, and we have 2 brand new games prepared for release this fall! Under Falling Skies and Lost Ruins of Arnak will be presented at CGE’s virtual stand V-126 in less than 3 days!

The virtual hall opens on Friday at 6 pm (BST – British time, use this little helper for your convenience). However, we are so excited that we are starting at 4 pm with an Under Falling Skies playthrough with Tom Heath and Russ Chapman!

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