2022-12-16The massive 2022 overview, and THANK YOU!

The massive 2022 overview, and THANK YOU!

This year has brought many new games, lots of amazing content, and plenty of love to the best industry around. We're so grateful to be a part of it all! In this time of holiday calm, it's the perfect moment to reflect back at many of 2022's milestones together.

Thank you for every comment, rating, and bit of feedback on our games' BoardGameGeek profiles. Btw, now is the perfect time to contact your FLGS, since both Starship Captains and Deal with the Devil are heading into North American stores in the coming weeks.



2022-12-01Meet the CGE crew at PAX Unplugged

Meet the CGE crew at PAX Unplugged

Are you going to PAX Unplugged this week? Make sure to come and meet the CGE crew there! You can find us in room 126 on the ground floor, and our doors are open between 10am–10pm on Friday and Saturday, and between 10am–6pm on Sunday. See the map below for more information on where to find us.

Meet the CGE crew at PAX Unplugged



2022-11-29The expansion Galaxy Trucker: Keep on Trucking in the USA

The expansion Galaxy Trucker: Keep on Trucking in the USA

Exciting news for all experienced Galaxy Truckers: English copies of the new Keep on Trucking expansion have started to be available for sale in stores in the USA.

It's the expansion for the relaunched edition of the fast and goofy game designed by Vlaada Chvátil, where 2-4 players build space ships in real time by grabbing ship-building tiles as fast as they can. Then they test their ships by flying across a galaxy that wants to blow them up!

With the Keep on Trucking expansion, your flight through the stars becomes more chaotic and more fun thanks to tons of new content...



2022-11-10Check out our new 3D printable ship tokens for Starship Captains

Check out our new 3D printable ship tokens for Starship Captains

Who doesn’t love flying around the galaxy in style? The foldable cardboard ship tokens in Starship Captains are already pretty slick, but for players who want something a little extra, we’ve got just the thing for you!

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can now easily upgrade your copy of Starship Captains for free by downloading and 3D printing out these cool new ship tokens our design team created. We hope you enjoy them!



2022-11-01CGE is Heading to BGG.Con!

CGE is Heading to BGG.Con!

Come meet our CGE crew from Prague Tomáš, Felix, and Jakub in Dallas at BGG.Con (November 9–13, 2022)!

You’ll be able to play both of our hot new titles, Starship Captains and Deal with the Devil, or take a peek at the already released first Galaxy Trucker expansion, Keep on Trucking!

What’s more, we’re also bringing some copies of Starship Captains and Deal with the Devil for sale. But beware, our stock will be very limited and we’re not doing pre-orders—so if you want be among the first board gamers owning these games in the US, make sure to stop by our booth early.



2022-10-15Essen 2022: CGE Highlights & Big Thanks!

Essen 2022: CGE Highlights & Big Thanks!

It took us a while to settle all the lovely moments of Spiel'22 last week. Overall, the show felt busier than last year, with over 147,000 visitors officially reported. It was great to see you all again, and now we are thrilled to share some of our favorite highlights!

Your tremendous interest in Starship Captains and Deal with the Devil – which just released for the show – couldn't make us happier.




2022-09-29Big Spiel'22 overview!

Big Spiel'22 overview!

Next week the Spiel in German Essen starts, so now is the perfect moment to list what will be available at the CGE booth, 1D139, for you: Simply put, NEW STUFF!

Along with hot new games Deal with the Devil, Starship Captains, and Galaxy Trucker, other games will be demoed in the gaming area, including Lost Ruins of Arnak, GIANT Under Falling Skies, and the Codenames mobile app. Quick-paced games like Letter Jam and Pictomania will be available over the weekend.

Pre-order both new and classic CGE games until Monday, October 3rd. You can reserve the game, pick it up, and pay for it at Spiel.



2022-09-28Announcing: Starship Captains’ Solo Mode

Announcing: Starship Captains’ Solo Mode

With the Essen Spiel ‘22 launch of Starship Captains not far on the horizon, we have one more exciting update to share! Our new sci-fi euro game will now have a dedicated solo mode included in the box on release, making it enjoyable at 1-4 players!

Designer Peter Hoffgaard and our internal development team at CGE have been working hard to craft a fun, dynamic, and highly replayable experience for Starship Captains’ solo mode.



2022-09-01Spiel 2022: Pre-orders for new CGE releases!

Spiel 2022: Pre-orders for new CGE releases!

Essen Spiel is the biggest European gaming show and it's coming up in just 5 weeks! If you love playing board games, then this is an event you don't want to miss. There will be tons of new games released at the show, as well as brand new and classic titles from Czech Games Edition!

Pre-ordered your games now and we'll see you at CGE booth – Hall 1, D139.




2022-08-17Looking back at Gen Con ’22 – Deal with the Devil as the “Best of Gen Con”...

Looking back at Gen Con ’22 – Deal with the Devil as the “Best of Gen Con” and More

Our team is back from Gen Con, some more jet lagged than others, but all safe and happy that we got to spend the four days in Indy, meeting friends old and new and sharing our passion for games with others.

Thank you all who visited us in our room 235–239 and played our games or just stopped by to say hi – and those of you who didn’t make it to the show, here’s an overview of the most interesting Gen Con highlights.



2022-07-21Deal with the Devil, another big game announcement!

Deal with the Devil, another big game announcement!

It's a great pleasure today to announce another big euro-style game for this year: Deal with the Devil - by Matúš Kotry, the author of Alchemists – is a deeply thematical euro-style game for 4 players, set in a fantasy medieval era.

Players are competing to construct grand buildings in a medieval city. To be a successful ruler, you need resources. To get resources, you need to make smart deals, offering the other players things they really need. One of the players is secretly the devil and really needs a piece of your soul.

Thanks to the simple app, all identities and trades are kept secret, and nobody really knows who is who



2022-07-13Gen Con'22: Pre-order, demos, preview, and much more!

Gen Con'22: Pre-order, demos, preview, and much more!

Gen Con'22, starting this year on August 4th in Indianapolis, will bring a ton of fun. We hope you'll come to visit us at CGE room n. 235 and check what we have there for you!

Be among the first to get your hands on Galaxy Trucker: Keep on Trucking, which is launching at Gen Con, as well as other hits including, Lost Ruins of Arnak, the Expedition Leaders expansion, Letter Jam, Under Falling Skies, and bonus items for your favorite games!



2022-06-02Meet CGE at UKGE! (Booth 2–240)

Meet CGE at UKGE! (Booth 2–240)

If you are in the Birmingham area this weekend and are looking for some board-gaming action, make sure to stop by UK Games Expo and say hi to our CGE team on site! You can find our stand 2–420 in Hall 2 of NEC Birmingham.

And what can you expect? We have quite a few games for you to play:

- Starship Captains
- Galaxy Trucker and the Keep on Trucking Expansion
- Lost Ruins of Arnak and the Expedition Leaders expansion
- Under Falling Skies

as well as our lighter assortment of games...



2022-06-01The Expedition Leaders Tips & Tricks Series is Complete!

The Expedition Leaders Tips & Tricks Series is Complete!

You might have noticed that for the past few weeks, we have been releasing videos covering tips, tricks, and background details for every new leader from the Expedition Leaders expansion. And today, this series is finally complete with the release of the last video for the Mystic.

If you have missed the series or have been simply waiting until it was complete before watching it, you can check out all 6 videos on our YouTube channel.

Make sure to also subscribe to this channel, so that you don't miss any new content – the Leaders video series might be complete but we have much more content planned for you in the weeks and months to come!



2022-05-30The new trailer for Galaxy Trucker: Keep on Trucking is up!

The new trailer for Galaxy Trucker: Keep on Trucking is up!

With the upcoming expansion for Galaxy Trucker, we've prepared an animated video trailer for you. Big thanks and credits go to Radim "Finder" Pech, our in-house animation master and creator of this video. Feel free to comment, like, and share it with all Galaxy Trucker fans.

So... What is this expansion about?

It adds more of everything, offering exciting new tactical options for building and defending your ship.

To enjoy the new expansion to its fullest, master the basics with our How to Play tutorial. Remember to balance earning cosmic credits with avoiding any serious harm.



2022-05-23Announcing: Starship Captains

Announcing: Starship Captains

Hailing all Starship Captains! Get ready to embark on a maiden voyage through the cosmos in this euro-style action selection and engine building game for 2–4 players.

Explore a galaxy full of dangerous pirates and interplanetary missions, as you manage, train, and promote your crew to improve their diverse skills. Then harness the power of cool alien technology to help your crew tackle goofy missions through the stars and beyond.

Fans of sci-fi won’t want to miss this medium-weight euro gaming homage to the spacefaring classics. Starship Captains will be warping in just in time for an Essen Spiel release, with a North American launch to follow in Q4 2022!



2022-05-06Special Video Content: FAQ About Game Designers

Special Video Content: FAQ About Game Designers

We have some exciting new video content we hope you will enjoy and share with other board game enthusiasts. We've asked our designers some burning questions, and you might be surprised by what they had to say!

Watch Vlaada Chvátil (legendary designer known for Through the Ages, Codenames, Galaxy Trucker, and Mage Knight, among others), Tomáš Uhlíř (Under Falling Skies), Adam Španěl (Project L), Ondra Skoupý (Letter Jam) as well as Elwen & Mín (Lost Ruins of Arnak) talk about the games they love, their favorite mechanics, what kind of superpowers would be most useful for them and more!

Watch, like, and recommend the video from the CGE YouTube channel.



2022-04-06Galaxy Trucker Expansion Announcement!

Galaxy Trucker Expansion Announcement!

Keep on trucking with this new expansion for the recently relaunched version of the classic Galaxy Trucker board game. The release is planned for Gen Con'22.

With new ship classes, new adventure cards, more ship-building components, Rough Roads cards, and new aliens with unique abilities, your flight through the stars becomes more chaotic and more fun!

The different parts of this expansion can be mixed and matched, allowing you to choose the combination that feels the most fun to you. So whether you're flying with grizzled veterans who miss the thrill of exploding spaceships or teaching newbies who just survived their first flight, this expansion will help you Keep on Trucking!



2022-04-01Today’s special: Codenames Solo and Missing Page from Arnak rules

Today’s special: Codenames Solo and Missing Page from Arnak rules

We are excited to share two extra pieces of content for your favorite games today: Codenames and Lost Ruins of Arnak. Both are quite special.

New Mode for Codenames!

Codenames Solo is an exciting new way to play Codenames – by yourself! Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Missing Page from Lost Ruins of Arnak Rulebook

It has come to our attention that our Lost Ruins of Arnak rulebooks are missing the last page, covering some very important rules clarifications. We regret this error...



2022-03-03Our Support for Ukraine

Our Support for Ukraine

To the Russian players who have bought some of our games in the past: we strongly believe the vast majority of you do not support the acts of war your president and government have unleashed upon Ukraine.

We totaled all of the profit we have ever received from Russian copies of CGE games; it is nearly €400,000 Euro. We have sent all of this money to help Ukraine.

We hope you won't mind this decision. Perhaps you may even welcome it. Thank you again for buying, playing, and enjoying our games—in addition to the fun we hope you had with them, it will now also help a just cause.



2022-02-01Lost Ruins of Arnak News – Live Q&A with the Designers and more

Lost Ruins of Arnak News – Live Q&A with the Designers and more

Mark your calendars because we have a very special stream coming up next week!

Ray, our amazing content creator, will be sitting down with Arnak designers, Mín and Elwen, for a live Q&A! And we'll be super happy to have you join us :) So stop by the Twitch stream to ask your questions and just chat.

The stream will happen on February 3rd, 3pm EST/9pm CET
at https://twitch.tv/CzechGamesEdition



2022-01-18Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders Arrives in the US!

Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders Arrives in the US!

We're happy to share with you that, after its long voyage across the ocean, the container carrying boxes of Expedition Leaders has safely arrived in our US warehouse.

This means that the first English copies of Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders should be starting to pop-up in stores around the US in mid January and early February – and some stores might have already received their copies! Make sure to keep an eye out ;)

A similar situation should be happening in Australia and New Zealand – our partners in those two countries should have recently received their first orders and the first expansions are starting to be available for sale.