2021-03-05Looking back over Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition

Looking back over Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition

Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition is over, and it was a blast! Over two days, we welcomed almost 1,000 board gamers from over 50 countries.

There were over 400 entries in the Letter Hunt contest and over 70 entries in our Scavenger Hunt. Huge thanks to everyone for taking part, and congratulations to our lucky winners. The competition was tough!

Also, choosing only the six best screenshots from all of the amazing and funny pictures you shared was tough as well! If you want to see more of them, search for #castletricontest on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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2021-02-24Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition, the big overview!

Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition, the big overview!

Once again, we've teamed up with HeidelBÄR Games and Horrible Guild to bring you another exciting Castle TriCon event! You can join your friends and us in our virtual 3D world this weekend to chat, play games, win a copy of hot titles, fly around, and have fun!

Castle TriCon will open its virtual gate for all gamers this weekend!

Castle TriCon 2021 Spring Edition, the big overview!

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2021-02-10Codenames: Duet is now online!

Codenames: Duet is now online!

We are thrilled to announce that Codenames: Duet, a cooperative version of the beloved classic, is newly online and free to play remotely with your friends and family on www.codenames.game.

Codenames: Duet is now online!

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2021-01-21Lost Ruins of Arnak and Under Falling Skies Reprint

Lost Ruins of Arnak and Under Falling Skies Reprint

If your friendly local game store doesn't have Under Falling Skies or Lost Ruins of Arnak anymore, do not worry – more copies of both our new titles will be arriving soon worldwide, and we're here to give you more info about when.

The next reprint of the English version of Lost Ruins of Arnak will be landing in European stores throughout February. We expect the US stores to receive their shipments shortly after, in late February. More languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, ...) will follow in the weeks after.

The English copies of Under Falling Skies have just arrived in the US and should be landing in stores soon. Other languages (specifically Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish) along with more German and English will hit the market throughout March. Japanese games should arrive a month later in April.

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2021-01-19Castle TriCon returns on February 26, 2021!

Castle TriCon returns on February 26, 2021!

It is again with great pleasure that we invite you to Castle TriCon! Join us during our 2021 Spring edition of the show, happening publicly on February 26th and 27th.

Castle TriCon, as you might remember from the last September, is an online board gaming convention that will be happening in a unique virtual 3D world!

Connect with your friends and play games by HeidelBÄR Games, Czech Games Edition, and Horrible Guild.

Register for FREE to receive all of the information you will need to join us.

For more information about the event, visit the Castle TriCon website.

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2020-12-23New Solo Content for Lost Ruins of Arnak

New Solo Content for Lost Ruins of Arnak

We have some great news for those brave adventurers, who dare to explore the Lost Ruins of Arnak all alone. As promised, we bring you two free updates to spice up your solo adventures – a new difficulty level, and a set of rival objectives.

Rival Objectives

They add more interaction into your solo adventure. Each round, your rival plans a few objectives that would grant them extra points, and it's up to you to outrun them and fulfil them first.

Purple Actions

They provide a satisfying challenge even for the most experienced adventurers. Similarly as with the red tiles, choose how many to use and shuffle them into your rival's action stack, instead of the easy tiles.

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2020-12-23Share Some Love This Holiday Season!

Share Some Love This Holiday Season!

Every year at conventions, we give out what we like to call our "happy cards" – simple little messages to spread positivity and good vibes.

This year, we couldn't go to conventions, but we still wanted to share these little pieces of joy with you – so we've prepared a selection of our happy cards that you can download and even print out!

Share those happy cards with your loved ones, print them and use them as a name tag for your presents, … or simply give them to someone who might use a little mood boost :)

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2020-11-24Under Falling Skies and Lost Ruins of Arnak – finally in stores!

Under Falling Skies and Lost Ruins of Arnak – finally in stores!

October releases, Under Falling Skies and Lost Ruins of Arnak, are nearly available worldwide.

Status of pre-orders

All pre-ordered copies from the SPIEL.digital CGE store have been dispatched and received over the last month. If you are still waiting for your parcel, please be patient. There might be delays due to the current covid situation. Thank you for understanding.

Now is the right time to ask your favorite local game store for a copy...

These days, English copies are traveling to our distributors and from them to retailers.

Other language versions

Thanks to our localization partners around the world, other fellow gamers will able to play Lost Ruins of Arnak in and Under Falling Skies in their mother language soon.

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