2022-06-02Meet CGE at UKGE! (Booth 2–240)

Meet CGE at UKGE! (Booth 2–240)

If you are in the Birmingham area this weekend and are looking for some board-gaming action, make sure to stop by UK Games Expo and say hi to our CGE team on site! You can find our stand 2–420 in Hall 2 of NEC Birmingham.

And what can you expect? We have quite a few games for you to play:

- Starship Captains
- Galaxy Trucker and the Keep on Trucking Expansion
- Lost Ruins of Arnak and the Expedition Leaders expansion
- Under Falling Skies

as well as our lighter assortment of games...



2022-06-01The Expedition Leaders Tips & Tricks Series is Complete!

The Expedition Leaders Tips & Tricks Series is Complete!

You might have noticed that for the past few weeks, we have been releasing videos covering tips, tricks, and background details for every new leader from the Expedition Leaders expansion. And today, this series is finally complete with the release of the last video for the Mystic.

If you have missed the series or have been simply waiting until it was complete before watching it, you can check out all 6 videos on our YouTube channel.

Make sure to also subscribe to this channel, so that you don't miss any new content – the Leaders video series might be complete but we have much more content planned for you in the weeks and months to come!



2022-05-30The new trailer for Galaxy Trucker: Keep on Trucking is up!

The new trailer for Galaxy Trucker: Keep on Trucking is up!

With the upcoming expansion for Galaxy Trucker, we've prepared an animated video trailer for you. Big thanks and credits go to Radim "Finder" Pech, our in-house animation master and creator of this video. Feel free to comment, like, and share it with all Galaxy Trucker fans.

So... What is this expansion about?

It adds more of everything, offering exciting new tactical options for building and defending your ship.

To enjoy the new expansion to its fullest, master the basics with our How to Play tutorial. Remember to balance earning cosmic credits with avoiding any serious harm.



2022-05-23Announcing: Starship Captains

Announcing: Starship Captains

Hailing all Starship Captains! Get ready to embark on a maiden voyage through the cosmos in this euro-style action selection and engine building game for 2–4 players.

Explore a galaxy full of dangerous pirates and interplanetary missions, as you manage, train, and promote your crew to improve their diverse skills. Then harness the power of cool alien technology to help your crew tackle goofy missions through the stars and beyond.

Fans of sci-fi won’t want to miss this medium-weight euro gaming homage to the spacefaring classics. Starship Captains will be warping in just in time for an Essen Spiel release, with a North American launch to follow in Q4 2022!



2022-05-06Special Video Content: FAQ About Game Designers

Special Video Content: FAQ About Game Designers

We have some exciting new video content we hope you will enjoy and share with other board game enthusiasts. We've asked our designers some burning questions, and you might be surprised by what they had to say!

Watch Vlaada Chvátil (legendary designer known for Through the Ages, Codenames, Galaxy Trucker, and Mage Knight, among others), Tomáš Uhlíř (Under Falling Skies), Adam Španěl (Project L), Ondra Skoupý (Letter Jam) as well as Elwen & Mín (Lost Ruins of Arnak) talk about the games they love, their favorite mechanics, what kind of superpowers would be most useful for them and more!

Watch, like, and recommend the video from the CGE YouTube channel.



2022-04-06Galaxy Trucker Expansion Announcement!

Galaxy Trucker Expansion Announcement!

Keep on trucking with this new expansion for the recently relaunched version of the classic Galaxy Trucker board game. The release is planned for Gen Con'22.

With new ship classes, new adventure cards, more ship-building components, Rough Roads cards, and new aliens with unique abilities, your flight through the stars becomes more chaotic and more fun!

The different parts of this expansion can be mixed and matched, allowing you to choose the combination that feels the most fun to you. So whether you're flying with grizzled veterans who miss the thrill of exploding spaceships or teaching newbies who just survived their first flight, this expansion will help you Keep on Trucking!



2022-04-01Today’s special: Codenames Solo and Missing Page from Arnak rules

Today’s special: Codenames Solo and Missing Page from Arnak rules

We are excited to share two extra pieces of content for your favorite games today: Codenames and Lost Ruins of Arnak. Both are quite special.

New Mode for Codenames!

Codenames Solo is an exciting new way to play Codenames – by yourself! Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Missing Page from Lost Ruins of Arnak Rulebook

It has come to our attention that our Lost Ruins of Arnak rulebooks are missing the last page, covering some very important rules clarifications. We regret this error...



2022-03-03Our Support for Ukraine

Our Support for Ukraine

To the Russian players who have bought some of our games in the past: we strongly believe the vast majority of you do not support the acts of war your president and government have unleashed upon Ukraine.

We totaled all of the profit we have ever received from Russian copies of CGE games; it is nearly €400,000 Euro. We have sent all of this money to help Ukraine.

We hope you won't mind this decision. Perhaps you may even welcome it. Thank you again for buying, playing, and enjoying our games—in addition to the fun we hope you had with them, it will now also help a just cause.



2022-02-01Lost Ruins of Arnak News – Live Q&A with the Designers and more

Lost Ruins of Arnak News – Live Q&A with the Designers and more

Mark your calendars because we have a very special stream coming up next week!

Ray, our amazing content creator, will be sitting down with Arnak designers, Mín and Elwen, for a live Q&A! And we'll be super happy to have you join us :) So stop by the Twitch stream to ask your questions and just chat.

The stream will happen on February 3rd, 3pm EST/9pm CET
at https://twitch.tv/CzechGamesEdition



2022-01-18Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders Arrives in the US!

Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders Arrives in the US!

We're happy to share with you that, after its long voyage across the ocean, the container carrying boxes of Expedition Leaders has safely arrived in our US warehouse.

This means that the first English copies of Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders should be starting to pop-up in stores around the US in mid January and early February – and some stores might have already received their copies! Make sure to keep an eye out ;)

A similar situation should be happening in Australia and New Zealand – our partners in those two countries should have recently received their first orders and the first expansions are starting to be available for sale.



2021-12-21Happy Holidays from CGE

Happy Holidays from CGE

What an interesting year! As we finally reach the end of 2021 and take a moment to catch our breath, we would like to wish you all happy holidays from the team at CGE! We're so grateful to be have been able to see you all at shows again and share our new titles with you.

This year, Gen Con, Essen Spiel, and Pax Unplugged attendees had a chance to try out a giant version of the newly re-launched Galaxy Trucker.

For really brave truckers, there is a free mini-expansion called Rough Roads that makes the game even harder and crazier. We're also currently working with our partners on many language translations, so keep an eye out for updates soon!



2021-12-08Join the Hunt at PAX Unplugged 2021!

Join the Hunt at PAX Unplugged 2021!

Between 10am and 2pm on Saturday, we’ll have six CGE team members located at key spots inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center at PAX Unplugged who represent the six unique leader characters in the Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders expansion. You’ll follow clues to discover the locations of those six leaders. Each one of them has a special item that works as a keyword.

Entering a keyword into this special Arnak scavenger hunt website will unlock a puzzle that you must solve to progress to the next character. Those who finish the hunt and solve at least one puzzle can enter our drawings for many cool prizes later in the day on Dec. 11th. The more puzzles you solve, the better prize you can win.



2021-12-06Find CGE at PAX Unplugged 2021!

Essen Spiel'21: When Less is More

Tis’ the season to be gaming, which is why we can’t wait to all see you at PAX Unplugged 2021, December 10th through December 12th, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia! Czech Games Edition will be set up in Room 202, just off the Grand Hall. So be sure to stop by and say “Hi” on your way to the exhibition hall. We’ll have tons of demos, a huge CGE store, giant-sized versions of some of our most popular games, and a few other cool surprises waiting for you.



2021-11-19Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders Availability

Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders Availability

Dear friends and fans of Lost Ruins of Arnak,

We have some updates about the availability of the game’s expansion, Expedition Leaders.

You might have seen that the expansion was first available at SPIEL’21 in both English and German languages. Expedition Leaders quickly became a bestseller of the show, alongside the new edition of Galaxy Trucker—for which we are grateful. It was incredible to be able to showcase both the expansion and the base game after almost two years of no conventions. If you weren’t at the show, you can check out our video report.



2021-11-15Our Twitch Channel is Back (Now with Weekly Streaming Content)!

Our Twitch Channel is Back (Now with Weekly Streaming Content)!

We know, we know...our Twitch channel has been a little quiet the last few months, but all that is changing now that we’ve officially kicked off the channel relaunch! Are you ready to join us each week for multiple live-streams of community-focused content, special guests, and a lot of fun silly shenanigans. Great! Let’s do this (now with 449% more TONY EMOTES)!

So what can you expect from our new approach to Streaming here at CGE? For starters, Ray—our new Twitch content creator and host—will be streaming three days a week, bringing you a rotating line-up of exciting segments.

Check out our general schedule...



2021-10-20Essen Spiel'21: When Less is More

Essen Spiel'21: When Less is More

It's no surprise that Essen Spiel'21 was a smaller show this year. The good news is that while there may have been fewer exhibitors and fewer attendees than in years past, the energy and enthusiasm we saw was anything but small. Throughout the convention, demo tables were bustling non-stop, and our hearts were full of happiness from seeing you all again!

This year attendees had a chance to try out a giant version of the newly re-launched Galaxy Trucker in the gallery between halls 2 and 4. It was hilarious watching everyone running around and scrambling to build their ships with large tiles, and people seemed to have a blast with it...



2021-10-08Meet CGE at SPIEL ’21 – Booth 1D139

Meet CGE at SPIEL ’21 – Booth 1D139

After successful Gen Con and Origins with our US colleagues, the European CGE team now heads towards Essen to attend SPIEL ’21. And we have a lot in stock for you so come check it out!

Our team will reside in Hall 1 of the Essen convention center, at booth 1D139. You will be able to play the new edition of Galaxy Trucker, last year's hit Lost Ruins of Arnak, and a giant demo of our epic solo game Under Falling Skies.

Also, Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders will be available for sale for the very first time!

Besides that, we’ll also be in the Gallery, booth GA15, with our giant Galaxy Trucker, and our friends at HeidelBÄR at the booth 1C121 will be helping us sell German versions of our games.



2021-10-03Lost Ruins of Arnak and Under Falling Skies Win IGA

Lost Ruins of Arnak and Under Falling Skies Win IGA

It’s been a successful year for the two 2020 CGE titles, Lost Ruins of Arnak and Under Falling Skies. Both games have received many recognitions around the world and their reception has been incredibly positive.

Recently, both games have been announced the winners of IGA, International Gamers Awards – Lost Ruins of Arnak in the Multiplayer category, and Under Falling Skies in the Solo category.

In addition to this, Lost Ruins of Arnak has been also nominated for the Dutch gaming award, De Nederlandse Spellenprijs, in the Expert category.