Chris Hecox from Geeks under Grace

Pulsar evokes all the unknown thrills of remote imagined regions of deep space while balancing beautifully-crafted game design. Every single choice matters, making decision-making paramount and thrilling.

Drew Massey as GeekInsight

Pulsar 2849 has a lot to enjoy – especially for those fond of euro games or space exploration. It hits the right notes on interactivity and forces players to make numerous hard choices that lead to wonderfully divergent strategies.

Richard Ham as Rahdo

It’s one of the best of the year easily. Just right length for us, so much replayability and variability. Fast, fast game and wonderful, crunchy dice drafting. And you’re always building. You always create. Every little turn you ’re making in this game is a big part of a much bigger plan. Oh man, I’m in love with it.

Dan King as The Game Boy Geek

Pulsar is my new favorite full way Euro dice drafting game because it’s absolutely amazing.

Tom Vasel from Dice Tower

This game offers so many choices. This whole thing (dice board) is a really brilliant piece of design. And replayability is huge... Wow, this is one of the best Euro games I’ve played in a long time. Giving my highest recommendation.

Dale Yu from Opinionated Gamers

The games all still feel different at this time, which is good, and I still have no idea what is the best way to approach the game to consistently succeed, and that also likely makes me want to keep playing it.